Free SMART CODE & Customer Acquisition System.


ibüümerang has created a customer acquisition model that enables you to provide customers a free SMART CODE (one-time) and receive commissions on the lifetime customer savings and usage.  

In just the first 12 months of using the free SMART CODE system, ibüümerang acquired over 500,000 customer accounts and paid out $25+ million in commissions.  

ibüümerang has trademarked this customer acquisition system as the Perpetual Residual Income Builder™ (PRIB™).

ibüümerang offers the following customer solutions in the PRIB™ ecosystem:

  1.  Bill Genius - Bill Reduction Service 
  2.  iGo4Less - Travel Savings Website
  3.  ​Vibe Rides - Rideshare Service
  4.  Zence - Essential Oils Wearable Technology 

ibüümerang has been recognized in Business for Home as a top 20 global direct sales company and plans to add additional customer solutions into the Perpetual Residual Income Builder™ (PRIB™) ecosystem. ​

To learn more about the ibüümerang PRIB™ and free SMART CODE system complete the contact request form below.

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